Stop Horse Theft is the only web site dedicated to finding and prosecuting horse thieves. It is the site of the original horse theft investigator, Dorothy Pedersen.

Dorothy, and, will work to educate and assist any North American law enforcement agency, prosecutor, justice of the peace, or other legal professional in the investigation of horse or livestock theft, and in the arrest and/or prosecution of suspects.

Founder of, Dorothy Pedersen, had two horses stolen. After extensive research on the crime at her own expense, she has written, talked to groups, and consulted on the crime for almost 20-years.

  • Dorothy has been consulted by the Ontario Provincial Police to help them identify the scope of this crime after which she was advised that they created their Rural Crimes Unit on the basis of the information she provided.
  • She has been told by two government agencies that she probably knows more about horse and livestock theft than anyone else in the country.
  • There is little printed information, on or off the Internet, that cannot be traced back to her original research and publicity over the past 20-years including her numerous livestock theft articles in professional and lay publications throughout North America.
  • In addition, Dorothy‚Äôs work has been used in court by lawyers for the owners of Standardbred horse, Purrfect Fame.